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Who We Are
Guiding Principle
Who We Are
  • #WeWorkingWomen(女仕界) was founded by Hua Yu, Managing Partner of LEVEL5 Strategy Group and social media specialist Sherry Zhang.
  • It was officially launched in October 2015, and has now become North America’s number 1 Chinese women leadership platform that promotes being a successful global professional citizen with 50,000+ subscribers and growing every single day.
  • #WeWorkingWomen Shanghai Chapter was also officially launched in December 2016, followed by Qingdao, Guangzhou and Australia.
  • Leveraging its rapidly growing reader base and the founders’ deep professional background in strategy, brand building and digital marketing, it has now evolved from a WeChat blog to a unique crowdcultural digital community that aims to achieve win-win results for our readers, contributors, volunteers and clients.
Guiding Principle

Intelligence Q - How bright or academically gifted you are

Motivation Q - How driven you are to achieve and grow

People Q - How well you handle yourself and work with others

Appearance Q - How you dress, act, behave and present yourself professionally

Culture Q - How you quickly learn and integrate into the local culture

Technology Q - How you leverage modern technology to achieve maximum business results

Operation Q - How well you get things done

Experience Q - How you leverage your past experiences, good and bad, and use them positively to move forward

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Canada's No.1 Chinese Professional Women Leadership Platform