WeWorkingWomen(女仕界) is North America’s largest Chinese women’s leadership network with over 70,000 subscribers. First launched as a Wechat blog in October 2015, WeWorkingWomen has rapidly evolved into a vibrant media platform and digital community of readers, contributors, and corporate partners, who connect online through content and conversations, as well as offline via events, professional development workshops, and speaker series.


Founded by Brand Strategist Hua Yu and Social Media Specialist Sherry ZhangWeWorkingWomen caters to a flourishing audience of women building their careers as global-minded professionals. Delivering content focused on career advancement and entrepreneurial development,WeWorkingWomen profiles hundreds of women professionals and entrepreneurs, generating engagement with millions of social media views and reposts. Under its brand umbrella, WeWorkingWomen offers educational courses tailored to invigorate professional growth: “Entrepreneur Academy”,“CEO Academy”, and “Manager Academy” are taught by specially invited industry experts. WeWorkingWomen is also home to “The Madison House”, a consultancy providing business support to Chinese women entrepreneurs, and “Little Yellow Page,” a premium listing service connecting businesses to the WeWorkingWomen network leveraging the power of China’s most prominent social media APP, Wechat.


WeWorkingWomen’s dynamic platform attracts a growing member base that extends beyond North American to include Europe, Australia, China, and Greater Asia. A magnet for cross-cultural exchange, WeWorkingWomen has captivated the interest of the North American business community as it seeks to build bridges with the ethnic Chinese and China markets. With the mission of inspiring personal, professional, and business growth through unity and community, WeWorkingWomen connects subscribers and partners around the world with the motto “We Achieve, We Grow”.

Our Guiding Principles

Motivation Q

How driven you are to achieve and grow

Appearance Q

How you dress, act, behave and present yourself professionally

Experience Q

How you leverage your past experiences, good and bad, and use them positively to move forward

Operation Q

How effective you are getting things done

Technology Q

How you leverage technologies to achieve maximum business results

Culture Q

How you quickly you learn and integrate into the local culture

Intelligence Q

How bright or academically gifted you are.

People Q

How well you work with others

Global • Leading • Professional • Inspirational • Community-Based

Recent market research conducted by a third party institute shows #WeWorkingWomen is ranked No.7 within “the most influential Chinese language social media platform” category, and No.1 in “the most influential women social media platform” category.

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